Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We enjoyed a great trip home for Christmas and were sad to leave. We had so much fun with our families and were so happy we could go home for Christmastime. We did so many fun things that I can hardly remember everything.

Grandma Debie helped Jacoby make some donut snowmen. He loved it and felt so important. Jacoby's elf, Bernard, came to meet him from the North Pole. He did all sorts of funny things. (Bernard is an elf's name on The Santa Claus.) Since Jacoby is such a boy and likes to talk about bums and undies, he thought this was extra funny. Other things Bernard did: drew faces on a photo of Jacoby, held baby Jesus in a nativity, wore the reindeer glasses, drove the pirate ship, had a snowball fight with his cousins' elves, and hung from a light. I think he's really scary looking, but it was fun to do and Jacoby loved it!

We went bowling a couples times and Jacoby even managed to get a few spares.

Had lunch with my mom and the "big girls" for Janet's favorite things. My parents spoil us with gifts of some of my mom's favorite things. It is always a blast.

Our bags full of goodies.

Jacoby was excited about his dinosaur pajamas and so excited for Christmas the next morning. This year was so fun with him!

I just love to look at him when he's sleeping. Too bad he doesn't stay like this for long, he is not a good sleeper. Ha.

Rudolph sucker from his stocking.

Tyler and Jacoby on Christmas afternoon. Jacoby was excited that Santa brought him two Nerf guns so that him and his dad can shoot each other.

Oh he loved opening presents this year.
Jacoby on his Wiggle Car. He loved wearing this bathrobe around. They acted out the nativity and he was a shepherd and wore this robe and never wanted to take it off.

We're so grateful for this Christmas season and the opportunity we have to think of Jesus. I feel so blessed for all the I've been given. Spending time with family at Christmastime is what it's all about and it makes me realize what is most important in life. I'm grateful for all of the wonderful gifts we received. We can't believe that next Christmas we will have a four-year-old and an eight-month-old baby girl. We couldn't be happier!


Judy said...

love love love all you beautiful LONG girls!

Mark & Nicole Oaks said...

I am glad you had so much fun with your family. I wish we could have gone home. Hope you are doing and feeling well.

Mitch + Roz said...

You and your family are so beautiful! And I cannot believe how big your little man is! How cute he is??

Jake and Jana said...

It was SO good to see you over the holidays! :) It always is! We are excited to see your new baby girl!!