Monday, November 28, 2011

a little break and Thanksgiving


Tyler just finished his first semester and had a couple wonderful weeks off.  We just loved having him home.  We did some fun things like golfing, eating good food, and a little shopping.  It was so fun to take Jacoby miniature golfing because he loves golf right now.  He didn’t want to follow all the rules and kept picking up the ball and hitting it from wherever and then taking it to the next place before he made it in the hole, but he was thrilled.  We just had to bite our tongues and let him kind of do his own thing.  Tyler also helped me so much around the house and cleaned and got out Christmas decorations for me.   We love him and miss him when he is so busy with school.  He works so hard and does so well and I’m so proud of him!

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We were also able to go home for a week.  It was GREAT!  I love home more than anything.  I think whenever we go home we realize how blessed we are to have the wonderful families that we have.  It is hard being away from all of them, but it means so much to us that whenever we come visit, they all take time to spend time with us and care about us.  We did some fun things together, but really just enjoyed Thanksgiving with them and relaxed. 

Here is Jacoby helping Grandma Debie make some turkeys.  I was impressed at how good of a job he did.  Smile


There are a lot of things I didn’t take pictures of while we were home, but one thing my mom, sisters, and I were able to do is go to The Help.  We all read the book, and have been waiting to go to it together.  Thanks for waiting for me guys.  It was SO good, I absolutely loved it.  I really enjoyed the book and the movie followed it so well. 

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I’m so excited for Christmastime; it’s the most wonderful time of the year!  I love the holidays and being with family!

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Savannah said...

Golfing looks so fun! We'll have to remember to do that next time you guys are home. Jacoby sure did love those turkeys, I'm pretty sure he ate about half of them haha. Can't wait to see you guys again so soon!