Monday, November 28, 2011

Eden and Steph Come Visit

This post is nearly a month overdue, but I still wanted to post about it.  Steph and Eden were able to come visit us last month and we had such a good time.  Some of the things we did so I don’t forget: lots of shopping for our babies, swimming in the hot tub, playing in the sand, made skeleton shirts for Halloween, picnic at Anthem, park, school carnival, Chick-Fil-A, trick-or-treating, The Children’s Museum, Red Lobster, baked pears, and fabric key chains.


Shorts and dresses on Halloween? What?!


Yes, our hearts are on the wrong side.  We knew that before we started, but because of how we got the template, that is what happened.  See my little bow on my baby girl skeleton?


Isn’t Eden’s wig rad?  Steph made it.  It is really awesome, but I kept telling people, “You think that hair is cool, you have to see her real hair.  It’s so adorable and naturally curly.”


We almost didn’t make it to The Children’s Museum because they were closed for half the time they were here.  The kids had such a great time and spent a long time there.


That is a pretty cute cashier.


Red Lobster…oh baby!


These two are such little buddies.  I think you can definitely tell they are related, what do you think?  I’m so excited for these two to have siblings; Eden will be a great big sister and Jacoby will be a great big brother.  Thanks for coming to see us Steph and Eden!  We love you so much and miss you guys like crazy.



Tammi said...

I love all the pictures and the skeleton shirts! The picture of Jacoby riding the tricycle at the children's museum brought back good memories:)

Savannah said...

I love all the pictures. Eden's wig is so cute! Steph did such a good job. I love your guys' shirts. I've seen those on pinterest (of course) and thought they were so funny.