Sunday, January 15, 2012

29 weeks

ultrasound picture at about 5 months
Here is a picture of me at 20 weeks: Now at 29 weeks:

Jacoby took this picture. It took forever for him to get this one, and I don't even like it but oh well. He thought he was pretty important.

I thought it was time I did a little update on how my pregnancy is going. Mainly just for myself and maybe my mom and sisters to see some pictures. We're getting so excited to have our little girl and have been getting a few things ready. We brought back a bunch of baby stuff at Christmas that we had left in Idaho. My grandparents were able to bring some bigger items, which we appreciated so much. I've been working on a few projects for her: blankets, burp cloths, bibs, her quilt for her room, and some headbands. We've already decided on her name, Hallie Sue. Sue is after Tyler's Grandma Sue who passed away and it sounds great with Hallie we think. Tyler and I have loved it since we were expecting Jacoby, so we are pretty set on it and I've already started monogramming things. :) Jacoby talks about her a lot and doesn't know why she can't come out now. He's going to be a great helper to me, he's very sweet and caring with babies.

Here's a list I want to update occasionally throughout my pregnancy:

how far along: 29 weeks on Tuesday

total weight gain: 22 pounds (oh boy)

maternity clothes: That is all I can wear now, and even my long stretchy shirts are starting to show my big belly at the bottom, and that isn't attractive.

told family and friends: Yes, we told at 16 weeks.

miss anything: Yes, I miss hot baths, cookie dough, my regular clothes, painting my toes comfortably, and sleeping on my stomach.

movement: I feel her moving all the time. I can feel her little bum or a knee staying in one place too. Feeling her move all day makes me so happy. Tyler teases me for always having my hand on my stomach.

food cravings: Not really, just a lot of chocolate, but that isn't exclusive to my pregnancy I don't think. :)

anything make you quesy or sick: If I don't eat regularly I get really sick and throw up.

Have you started to show yet: Oh yeah, I think it was very obvious at 4 1/2 months.

labor signs: nope

belly button in or out: Definitely out, but I already had and outie so now it's just really pushed out and weird. :)

happy or moody: Mostly happy, I'm feeling good right now.

looking forward to: seeing Jacoby and Hallie together, taking naps with her, and dressing her up
aches and pains: Yes, I do get those ligament pains pretty often.

symptoms: quite a bit of energy still, hard to get out of bed in the morning, and hungry


Savannah said...

Yes! I'm so excited to meet little Hallie. Jacoby is going to be the best big brother. I'm excited to see them together too!

Aubrey said...

I like how you took the picture wearing the same outfit- you can really see how you've grown! I think I will have to do that next time! I like the name a lot- so cute! :) I hope she has beautiful curls like you!

Steph said...

I can't believe you're already 29 weeks! You're looking bigger than even just a few weeks ago when you were home for Christmas. Bigger, but cute, too! I love the name you chose and am so jealous that you already have a name for your baby...

Tammi said...

I am glad too even though I don't fit the mom or sisters category! You look fabulous! Hallie is lucky to have jacoby for a big brother. I love you all!

Lee and Khyra said...

You look so great, and I am so excited to see cute little Hallie!

Ben and Leighann Johnson said...

I'm so excited for you missy! Having a little girl is so much fun. I hope the test of your pregnancy isn't too uncomfortable. Love ya!

FitzSimmons Times said...

Congratulations! I really like her name :) Good luck to all of you!

Brooke said...

missy this is so fun!!! she already looks so sweet. i'm really excited for you guys!

Doug and Kate said...

This makes me so excited for you! I hope I don't have to wait long to meet Miss Hallie Sue!!!! You look freaking adorable pregnant. Jacoby is going to be so sweet with her. Its so fun to see kids grow up and fit into the big brother role. Oh, I miss you!!!!

Christen said...

You are just too cute! Seriously. I have a niece named Hallie - love that name! I am so excited for you and wish we were closer again so I could meet that little girl when she's brand new.

Jake and Jana said...

You are a DOLL! So cute pregnant! Can't wait to see what Hallie looks like! :)