Friday, November 5, 2010

more apartment pictures

Here are more pictures of our apartment.
This is Jacoby's bathroom or our guest bathroom. It's going to be an owl bathroom. It still has a lot of work to do, but will have a lot of bright colors with brown. My mom and I did the owl specimen art in the shadow boxes when they came to visit. They were lots of fun. We found the cute owl punch at Michael's.
I made the little owls and had them printed as 4x6s and put them in this frame.
My mom made a couple of these for my little sisters' room, but when Olivia moved into another room(took over Thomas'), she said I could have one of them. I was thrilled because I'd been eying it and hinting at wanting it for awhile. I kinda talked about stealing it really. My sisters and I do that all the time about things of our mom's. I Modge Podged different paper over top and added sheets of metal that I had my Uncle Dave cut for me.
Here's Jacoby's room. It's so fun to finally have it done. It was so fun to do. I found some darling fabric that was a line from Riley Blake that I fell in love with and used throughout the entire room on different projects. I used it for the pennant banner, pillow sham, laundry basket liner, and toy basket liners. For the bedspread, I made a duvet cover out of a set of queen sized sheets. They were the perfect size for a twin duvet cover and hardly required any cutting. My mom helped me with so many of these projects! Debie made the awesome bed skirt. She used some heavier white fabric and added a thick strip of green grosgrain ribbon on the bottom.

The J is for Jacoby frame came from an idea I saw on the internet.

It's really fun to have a picture from highschool of Tyler playing baseball in Jacoby's room. I originally gave it to him for Christmas before Jacoby was born, but knew that it would be fun in Jacoby's room. Jacoby always points to it and says, "Daddy. Baseball. Mitt." I framed a scrapbook page of Jacoby's that I will switch out from time to time. The collection of J's was really fun. I started collecting them a long time ago, so it was fun to finally have enough to do what I wanted with them.

I loved the shelves like this that I'd seen in Pottery Barn and happened to find one for ten bucks at Downeast.
This is the papasan chair that my mom recovered. I didn't do much there, I was her assistant as she was sewing it with the chair attached. (Not an easy project)
So nice to finally have this dang bookshelf done. It was quite the project, but I think I'm just slow. We got the bookshelf from Tyler's parents. It was brown, so we sanded and repainted it white, took off the backing and added beadboard, and added crown molding to the top. Devan cut the molding for us and my dad attached it when they came to visit. Thank you guys, we couldn't have done it without ya. The molding just finishes it off. I had my aunt cut vinyl for the buckets and Debie embroidered the liners. I added a strip of fabric to the liners of the baskets.
This is Jacoby snuggling up with his quilt my mom made. Isn't it awesome? As you can see, she also used the same fabric I used throughout his room. She brought it to him when they visited and I was ecstatic. It turned out awesome, Mom!

Here's a better picture of the entire quilt. It's such a fun design. Jacoby loves it, he likes to go get it while he watches movies and says, "Janet, thank you." He doesn't ever say Grandma Janet, just Janet, not very respectful huh? :)
Well, there it is, the rest of our little apartment. It's feeling a little more like home now. Thanks to everyone who helped us with all of our projects; our families are both very talented.


Steph said...

LOVE Jacoby's room. It looks awesome and so very "BOY." All your projects turned out great!

Mike, Sha, Kenna, & Kate said...

What a fun house you have! I love your use of color and I love Riley Blake fabric. Thanks for sharing!

Doug and Kate said...

Ah I love love love all your stuff! So many cute ideas!

Stephanie said...

Holy cow you are amazing! I have to agree with you, both your families are very talented. Debie has helped me out many times. She is wonderful.

R. Long Pyper said...

Well, your apartment looks great. I also love Jacoby's room — it's really fun and cohesive with those cool fabrics. The quilt from Mom is awesome, too. The bathroom and other projects turned out great too. You're getting to be quite the home decorator. :)

Roseanne said...

I think you need to be an interior decorator! Seriously! You do so well at it! So cute!

Christen said...

Your apartment is so dang cute! These pictures are cute, but it's even cuter in person! I love the baseball shoes, too. I think I know who to talk to when it comes to boy fashion. :)

Janet said...

Your apartment is so cute and you have definitely made it a home. I loved seeing it when we came to visit. It was a lot of fun working on projects with you and I look forward to working on more with you in the future! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Missy you are so CUTE! I love all the decorating you do! Where do you get all your ideas? How is Arizona? I miss not seeing you ever month for visiting teaching. How is Med School going?

Morrows said...

I love the pictures of your apartment Missy! All of your projects are so awesome. You are so creative. I can't wait for you to come to Idaho! I have missed you and your sweet Jacoby!!

Jake and Jana said...

Seriously! I love the way you decorate. I might have to hire you :) Hope all is well!

Tiffany said...

Missy! It's Tiffany Sargent from Carlisle...I hope you remember me...haha! Anyway, you have the cutest ideas! I love your apartment and blog! Where in the heck do you find all the time to do everything!? I'd love to know your secrets! I really do have some ?s for you if you could email me that would be AWESOME!
thanks missy!