Monday, November 29, 2010

home for the holidays

If we hadn't gone home for Thanksgiving, it just wouldn't have been the same. We had such a good time and are so grateful for our wonderful families. We love you all!
On our way to Idaho. We already knew that Jacoby wasn't a good traveler, but both plane rides were more stressful than we thought they would be. I brought all kinds of snacks, new toys, movies, and stickers for him, but he just didn't like sitting in one place. Can you believe that a two-year-old wouldn't do that? After the flight, Jacoby was getting a kick out of the luggage popping up onto the track. He was laughing real hard. :)
I was lucky enough to be able to go to the Festival of Trees the last night it was open to see my family's trees; they looked awesome. It was sad to not have a tree in it this year, but still great to be able to go. Festival of trees really kicks off the holidays for me.
Jacoby loves his Aunt Annie and learned her name very first out of the family. Loved their matching hats!
Jacoby with Grandma Debie on her birthday

I've missed little Eden so much, it's been four months since I'd seen Steph's family. Way too long. She is growing up so much.
Love my sisters...but where is my Becca? Oh I wish I could've seen her this trip; I can't wait for Christmas!
My boys on Thanksgiving
Jacoby and Eden are always willing to hug and kiss each other.
When we first got to Idaho, we went to lunch with both of our families. When Eden walked in the restaurant, Jacoby saw her and they slowly walked up to each other and hugged for a really long time. It was real sweet.
Priceless. I was so excited to get this picture that I started screaming.
I love my family and miss them everyday.
We had a really great Thanksgiving with both families. We kicked off the day by having lunch with my mom's side of the family. We had tasty food and played some fun games.
Later we went to Tyler's aunt and uncle's for another meal. Yum! It was so nice to see our families.
We left Friday morning, but I decided to wake up real early to do a little Christmas shopping with my family. My mother-in-law even made hot chocolate to go for me and all of my family who was going. She is a thoughtful lady. :)
We had a great time and can't wait to come home for Christmas!
Jacoby was even more of a stinker on the way home. It didn't help that the DVD player died after 45 minutes. He threw a few tantrums and kept laying in the aisle. I kept picking him up and setting him on his seat. Finally, he had his legs out in the aisle and was being good and I had had enough fighting with him. When I noticed the flight attendants looking back at us, they got on the intercom and said, "Keep your children in their seats and off of the floor. The floor is filthy. People are constantly getting on and off the plane and the floor is a very dirty place for them to be." By this point I was so overwhelmed and couldn't believe that they would go off about it. While I understand that it's not safe for kids to be on the ground instead of in their seats, I don't think it was necessary to give ME a lecture over the intercom. I would've appreciated them approaching me and kindly asking me to put my son in his seat.
Here's to hoping our next flight goes well and I hope so since it'll be without Tyler. :(


R. Long Pyper said...

Man, wish I could have been home for Thanksgiving! You look great — love that yellow scarf, you saucy thing you. :) That's pretty sweet about Debie making hot chocolate for you, and I also thought it was nice for them to invite our side of the family to lunch the first day you were back.

So sorry about Jacoby on the plane, but that flight Nazi, er, attendant needs to go slam her head in the door. Seriously.

Jordan and Sadie Simpson said...

Ok Jacoby is totally going to hate that picture of him kissing, but that is TOO CUTE! I hope your next flight goes better! I'm not looking forward to mine alone either :S

Steph said...

ha ha ha! I love that picture of our kids kissing! So funny and cute! It was fun to watch them greet each other for the first time after being apart so long. I'm so glad you were able to come home for Thanksgiving. I just wish Becca's family had been there, too. We had a lot of fun. Sorry the flights were awful. That overwhelms me just thinking about it. It was still worth it though, right? :)

mandy said...

so sorry about the plane ride drama. if it helps....our kids fave flying material: wonder color markers (everyone stays clean and love those magic hidden pics), silly putty (jack's fave!), and tootsie pops (buys you at least 20 min.)

The Clarks said...

oh my gosh - i'd be so mad!!! i can't believe they chewed you out over the intercom! who does that? gutless.

looks like you had fun with your family! i'm glad you got to go home and see everyone. hope things are going well for you, missy! =)

Sarah boo said...

Oh, I hate that. When people make totally rude comments to me like that I want to say something like, "Oh, excuse me, where you a perfect child?"
I'm sorry they said that to you. Sounds like you were braver than me. I'm so emotional, I would have probably cried if they had said that over the intercom to me.

Jaimi said...

That's unbelievable! Curious who your flight was with--I had terrible experiences when I flew Delta this summer with the girls by myself. Delta was anything but helpful. For example, they had Summer carrying her backpack and pulling a regular carry-on AFTER I asked them to help us!

Glad you survived!

Jake and Jana said...

It was SO good to see you for Thanksgiving! Glad you got to spend time with both families. Here is my 2 cent tip (cause that might be all it's worth) for when you fly with Jacoby next time. Bring his car seat and buckle him in. We brought Riley's when we went to Mexico and even though she still didn't want to sit that long, it forced her to. Just like in a car, she knew she had to stay seated. I know it's a pain to bring, but I'm so glad I did! Sorry you had such a heartless flight attendant!

Stephanie said...

I agree with Jana. At that age, the carseat is the only thing that saved me. But it is a pain to carry, especially if you are alone...and especially if you are trying to save money by not checking bags. My kids don't cry in the carseat (very often), if he doesn't like his carseat then this tip won't work well for you anyway. Glad you were able to come home for Thanksgiving. Hope to be able to see you at Christmas!

R. Couch said...

LOVED seeing you...Jacoby is 2...with 2 fabulous parents...It's always easier being a sideline parent and telling others how to care for their children..I hope you realized you were NOT the one with a problem. I think you are amazing!

Morrows said...

I'm glad you had a great time with your family. I passed you and Steph one day.
I can't believe that attendant. Apparently she doesn't have children! Anyone with children would understand.
Good luck on the next flight. It was so hard for me to do it by myself. Maecie was good but just trying to get everything on and off the plane and they broke my carseat and stroller and it was a mess! I hope everything goes well when you come back again!

the binghams. said...

it was so good to see you guys! and i cannot believe that public berating. NOT COOL! I hate when stuff like that happens- and she obviously has never had a 2-year-old! anyone who has would understand you're not just being negligent or something.

Roseanne said...

Oh man! I'm flying to Oregon for my brothers wedding in Feb and I'm not excited about the flight with Wyatt. I'm pretty sure he's going to scream the whole 4 hrs. I'm anxious to find out how he was on the way back.

Sarah boo said...

I want to make the crockpot Italian Chicken from your food blog, but I'm not sure how many chicken breasts I'm supposed to use. The recipe doesn't specify. Do you know how many I need to use?