Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wall Hangings and House for Sale

Awhile back Steph posted her wall hanging on her blog, and my dad just finished putting mine together, so I wanted to post some pictures of it. It's not hung up because we can't hang up anything in this house we're living in because the house is for sale. Dangit, I miss my decorations. :)
They were really fun to do and pretty inexpensive. Steph, my mom, and I all did one and they are all so different, but I really loved them all. Leave it to my mom to come up with great decorations that noone else will have; she is so talented at decorating. My parents were so nice to get a lot of the supplies and put them together for us.
The picture below is Steph's and the next one is mine. I will have to have my mom send me a picture of of the one she did which is awesome.
I will hang it up in our family room which is decorated in red and robin egg blue.

Becca and Lonnie are getting ready to move away for Lonnie's rotations and they are selling their townhouse they lived in while they were in school. It's a great place, very well kept, good location, and a perfect starter home. It's close the the I.S.U. campus and many shopping areas. If you know anyone living or moving in Pocatello, they could get a great deal on this place. Check out her house blog if you are interested right here!


Scott & Traci said...

I love the wall decor! :) I'm sorry you can't decorate yet, that would make me sad... but when you guys move you can :) I'm excited to see :)

Judy said...

Those are the cutest ever. They would be fun with pictures to. Good Job Long girls!

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

I love those! Both turned out so awesome. I like the colors on both! You are all super talented! It was so good to see you last week. I want to get together and make some of those fabric bows! They are so cute! I have never seen then done like that!

Doug and Kate said...

Those wall hangings are so cute! I'm amazed by how creative your are! O and that Roe family pic. looks way cute!