Friday, March 26, 2010

Toys R Us Sale: Movies & Books

Toys R Us is having a great sale today and tomorrow. I was most excited about all DVDs and books being buy one get one free. I thought these would both be perfect for Jacoby's Easter basket. My mom, Steph and I met there and paired movies and books together because I only wanted one book and one movie, and I ended up getting The Princess and the Frog and a set of books(including a ball book that Jacoby will love) for $10. I used the coupon below for the movie too, so that's why it was such a steal. I just wanted to let you guys know because I was so excited!

$5 off The Princess and the Frog


Steph said...

Thanks for telling me about the sale. I'm so excited about what we got! :)

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

Missy! You are the best sale shopper! I need to find out how you find all these deals and coupons! You are awesome!

Roseanne said...

Thanks for that little tip. I went and used the Princess and the Frog coupon at Toys R Us and got a Baby Einstein DVD and I also saw that they were having a sale on the Little Tykes stuff too, so I got some stuff for Christmas and his B-day. I told my mom and Hailey about all the good deals there too, so thanks a ton!!!!!
Looks like tons of fun at the Jazz game!