Monday, September 14, 2009

back to scrapbooking

It's been awhile since I've been able to scrapbook very much and I've missed it! So in the last few days I did these two pages. I'm trying to finish up some pages for Jacoby's 6 months-1 year scrapbook so that I can get my Shutterfly book ordered. I just got back his birth-6 months and it turned out pretty nice. There were a few mistakes, but now I know how to fix them and this next one should turn out better.

This is Jacoby's birthday layout. I loved the pictures of him eating his cupcake.

We haven't had a family picture taken in awhile, so I was anxious to scrapbook it. This picture was taken at my brother-in-law's wedding reception. Plum, robin egg blue, and yellow were their wedding colors and they were beautiful so I used the colors for this page too.
I had another family challenge with my sisters and mom. I love doing the challenges because it motivates me to get a page done and FAST!

Here are their pages:
Becca's page
Steph's page
my mom's page


Scott & Traci said...

Missy! You are amazing! I love your scrapbook pages...and even though we are in IF now, I am still determined to learn :) (And super cute family picture:)

Steph said...

Both of these los re great. Good work. It was fun doing that challenge today.

Judy said...

Good Job Missy! You are so talented! Love those pages!

manda baker said...

Your pages are super cute!So talented!

Angie said...

Love the pages you guys Long's are so talented! Wish I could be that creative. What a fun thing to do as family

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

I love those pages! You are awesome. I need to catch up with you! I still have your present!