Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day and Six Months Old

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day. We were in Idaho Falls for the day and Tyler's mom watched Jacoby while we went out to dinner at Chili's. Thanks a lot Debie! It was nice to be alone together, we need to try to do that a little more often. So I made Tyler this heart photo collage for his little present. I got a big metal sheet and put magnets on the backs of the pictures and arranged them into a heart (like that collage I just posted of pictures of Jacoby). I got the idea from a Martha Stewart magazine. I have it hung up, but now I think I'm going to paint it with chalkboard paint and that way we can draw on it and it will be a magnet board too. So I will post pictures when it's all done. The reason I really wanted to do this for him was because he had a picture wall in his room growing up, and ever since we got married he's been trying to get me to do one. I love the idea, but I just wanted do something that looked a little nicer. It was very nice of my parents to come up to Rexburg to help me hang it up so that it would be there when Tyler got home. Anyway...we had a wonderful Valentine's Day, I love ya Ty!
Well Jacoby turned six months old yesterday...I can't believe it! He's growing very fast and is rolling all over the place. We fed him carrots yesterday and it was hilarious, we recorded it so I'll have to post it sometime. He was making the most funny faces. We got his high chair out too and he is sitting up great in it. Thanks Tammi and Roz!
Loving the Carrots
I love watching Jacoby and Tyler together. I love this picture of them, love how Tyler is looking at Jacoby and the look on Jacoby's face. Tyler just adores Jacoby, I love my boys!

six months old


Devan or Steph said...

I love that scrapbook page and your cute photos of your men. I'm excited to see your photo board thing. I'm sure glad you had a better Valentine's day than I did. :S

Holly said...

I bet you can't believe he is already 6 months old!? He's so cute and I LOVE that scrapbook page and the heart one below!!

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

I love the carrots picture. The picture with Tyler and Jacoby is precious. It makes me excited to have kids. Sounds like it was a great Valentines Day. I just babysat my aunts kids because Taylor left me for the week... AGAIN. dangit.

hiii i'm manda :) said...

your page is adorable miss.
it was good seeing you on saturday :)
jacoby is just a sweetheart

Doug and Kate said...

Love all the cute pics of Jacoby and Tyler! I can't believe Jacoby has been here for 6 months already! Time flies.

lisapow said...

So cool! I want to see pictures of the final project! You do amazing things on your scrapebook pages!!

hailey said...

You are so talented it makes me sick! What a great idea to do for Tyler. Jacoby is so cute, I hope that our boys will get to play together sometime! By the way can you tell stephanie to invite me to her blog? thanks!