Wednesday, October 17, 2012


We haven't been doing anything too exciting, but we're so glad it's cooling down here. 
We went to the Arizona Science Center and had a blast.  
Hallis is just about 7 months old and is such a good baby.  Here are a few fun things about her:
-She is so happy and smiley whenever we go get her out of her crib. 
-She is sleeping pretty good and night and during the day. 
-She eats a little bit of fruits and vegetables, but not much, maybe a couple tablespoons everyday.
-She has dark hair and dark eyes like her dad. 
-She loves Jacoby.
-She's starting to grab everything in reach and has knocked over a few glasses of water at dinner. 
-She is the most smiley baby I have ever seen. 
-She is sitting up pretty well, but not independently.
-She loves kicking her legs and can really get her bouncer going.
We love her so much and are so grateful to have her and Jacoby. 
 I love seeing Tyler with Hallie.  He calls her "little Sue" or "pretty girl".
 Jacoby loves having someone around to "play" with.  It's so fun to see them interact. 
Notice Jacoby's shield that never leaves his side.
 This is super Spiderman Captain America Batman Ninja Turtle Dracula.  (The dracula teeth are under the mask.)  He thought of this on his own. Silly guy!
 Love this sweet bow from my mom.
 Grandma Debie just sent this Captain America costume for Jacoby for Halloween.  He is thrilled and won't take the thing off.
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Stacie Couch said...

I can't believe how big your kids are getting! That picture of the two of them together just melts my heart, they have beautiful smiles!

Judy said...

Oh my! You have the cutest kids!!!!! Hallie is just the sweetest!

Mark & Nicole Oaks said...

Oh my Gosh! Hallie has got to be the most beautiful little girl ever! What a smile! Your kids are so stinkin cute! Can't wait to see you if a few weeks.

Steph said...

Hallie has such amazing hair! I can't believe how much she's changed since we saw you guys. The picture of the two of them is awesome: I love those smiles!

Traci said...

Love all the pictures! Hallie is such a beautiful little lady! I can totally see both of you in her, and Jacoby too! Thanks for the update! ♥

Stewart Family said...

Oh missy they are so cute! She's got a beautiful smile! Really cute kids!

Roseanne said...

Hallie has the cutest smile! She's such a doll! She's a little baby model!

Savannah said...

I love Jacoby's superhero obsession! And Hallie looks so grown up, especially in the picture of her with the bow your mom made her. Love all the pictures and how happy Hallie is ALL the time! Can't wait for you guys to be here!!

Jake and Jana said...

Such DARLING kids. Love these pics.

Unknown said...

Wow Hallie Sue is getting so old! Both your kids are just adorable. I feel like I haven't seen Jacoby in soooo long! Miss you!

Tiffany said...

I cannot get over how ridiculously adorable that baby girl is. I had to pull Kyle over to show him all her delectable little smiles. How can you stand the cuteness?!

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