Monday, September 17, 2012

happy birthday, Jacoby

I cant belive that we have a four-year-old.  We had a fun time together celebrating his birthday.  This year was really fun and he was excited about his birthday and really knew what was going on.  He got so many nice gifts that he loves.  Tyler was out of town for his birthday so before he left we did milkshakes and opened some presents early.  On his birthday we Skyped all day long with all of our family.  He loved that and loved getting presents on the mail and still asks for "packages."  Oh man.  I took him and a friend to McDonald's for kids' meals and we had cupcakes with lots of sprinkles. 

Jacoby is such a fun boy and we're so grateful to have him in our family.  He is all boy and can be really wild but he is a sweet boy who thinks about others and is very outgoing.  He is a great brother and loves Hallie so much. He's been such a good helper with her too.  Happy birthday, bud!
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Roseanne said...

He's so cute! I can't believe he's 4 too! It seems like he was just falling asleep on your chest just yesterday! (I loved that picture by the way...I dreamed Wyatt would do that...but no.) Man, how time flies!