Saturday, May 14, 2011

Savannah & Austin's Wedding

Another big reason we were able to go home last month is for Savannah and Austin's wedding. Savannah looked so pretty and the reception was so awesome. I love this picture!

Her shoes were pretty rad.

Roe family

Roe girls

Tyler and his siblings

Jacoby looked so handsome in the vest and tie Debie made for him.

mother of the bride

Savannah wasn't very thrilled about having her reception at a church, but man it looked great. They did such a great job decorating it that it was easy to forget we were at a church.

The Roe crew

The cake was so pretty!

Savannah's bouquet

We were so happy to be able to be there for the wedding. Tyler was only in Idaho for about 30 hours, but I'm just glad he could be there. We are really happy to have Austin in the family and are so excited for them!


Scott & Traci said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! We were SO bummed we missed it! You all look so beautiful! And the decorations looked awesome (oh and Savannahs Dress too!) ♥

Steph said...

It was a beautiful wedding. Very savanna. I'm glad you got to come for it. Miss you.

mandy said...

i was hoping you made it to the wedding! (and that your husband was able to race into town for a minute too!)

Lon said...

Thanks for posting these photos — I'd been wanting to see them again. I think it's so cool how customized everything was — it totally screams Savannah's name. And you look pretty hot yourself, Miss Thang.

Jake and Jana said...

Such a beautiful reception! And, bride!! Glad we go to see it in person! The decorations were gorgeous!