Sunday, January 9, 2011

white christmas

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted, but I'm not surprised. After Christmas I get a little down because I LOVE Christmastime so much. I'm so sad when it's all over. We had such a great time in Idaho for Christmas. It was nice having a white Christmas too; it wouldn't be the same without it. We're so grateful for our families; they are the best. We did so many fun things together and just enjoyed being all together again. We're grateful for all the nice gifts we received from everyone! This year has been fun to explain to Jacoby that Christmas is when Jesus was born. It's good time for me to think about the birth of thy son and recognize how blessed my life is because of Him.

Before Jacoby and I left for Idaho, Jacoby opened up some bigger presents that we couldn't haul there. He got this fun car track from my parents. This year Jacoby's presents were mainly cars and car tracks. He is obsessed.
The first night we got there we went to Taylor's basketball game in Rexburg and afterword we looked at Christmas lights. This is at the house by my parents' where the lights go with the music. Jacoby couldn't stop talking about Christmas lights.

Sleeping with Grandpa T
Tyler's mom took Jacoby out in the snow and taught him how to shovel and pulled him in the sled.
The tramp doesn't bounce like it's supposed to. :)

Out to breakfast on Christmas Eve with my family.
My mom puts up at least five trees each year and they are each beautiful. One of my favorites is in her room and she has pretty frames with pictures of all of us in them.
She thought it would be fun to set up a tree to decorate with the grandkids. The big girls (what my dad calls Becca, Steph, and I) each came up with something to decorate it with and did the activity with the kids. For mine we did these fun snowmen ornaments with marshmallows inside. I found the idea online.
You crazy kids. Eden, that's what my hair looks like in the morning too. :)

We went to watch Aunt Livi cheer.
Matchy pajamas. This is a funny story, Tyler's mom gave Jacoby these pajamas and Lonnie's mom gave Johnny the same ones. The first night we were at my parents' I put these on Jacoby and went down to find Johnny in the same pair.
Sleepover in the fort Aunt Annie made.
Christmas morning. Look what Santa brought.

I was super excited for us to give my dad this milkshake maker. My in-laws have one and love it and my dad loves to make milkshakes. I think he was pretty excited. My dad is always so nice about presents and always acts very grateful.
Tyler's parents' gave us a milkshake maker too. I was so surprised. We've already made milkshakes three times and are loving it.
We got my mom a bike.
Race car tracks from Great-Grandma Long.

Jacoby loves hot chocolate.
Saying goodbye to cousins.
I love Johnny's fistful of treasures.

Bye Eden, see ya soon! They're coming to visit us this month! We can hardly wait.


R. Long Pyper said...

Yeah, it was so fun to be home for the holidays and to see you guys — six months was too long! I loved that our boys had the same jammies (coincidentally), and I liked looking at all your photos on this post. :)

Mark & Nicole Oaks said...

I am so glad you were able to have a great Christmas back in Idaho. I don't know what I would have done if my family hadn't come. It is so hard being away from home. Looks like Jacoby had a blast with all his cousins. Hope I can see you again soon.

Jordan and Sadie Simpson said...

That looked like it was so fun! Maybe one day I will actually get our vacation posted ha! And that's exciting some of your family gets to come visit this month!!

Steph said...

We were so happy to have your family here for Christmas. It just wouldn't have been Christmas without you and Becca. I love all your pictures. ha ha! I don't think your hair is quite as crazy as Eden's in the morning. ;) We can't wait to come see you.

Morrows said...

I love all these pictures! I LOVE the one of Jacoby having hotchocolate! He is a crack up! I am glad you had such a great time visiting cold Idaho. Looks like Jacoby had so much fun playing with his cousins and in the snow!