Monday, December 13, 2010

gum advent calendar

I saw this fun idea on this blog that I just loved and couldn't wait to make them for my family and friends. It's a mini gum advent calendar. We started today, twelve days until Christmas. Jacoby and I go home Friday and I can hardly stand it. I haven't seen Becca's family in six months; I think that is ridiculous! I'm so excited for Christmastime and to spend time with our families and friends. One of the things I'm most looking forward to is talking to Thomas; it's so great to hear his voice. These two were for Tyler and Steph. Tyler's birthday is tomorrow so I put a little present on that day. Also, Steph's birthday is six days before Christmas.
I wrote the days with Sharpies.


Steph said...

These are so cute! Thanks a lot!

Doug and Kate said...

What a cute idea Miss!

R. Long Pyper said...

I think these turned out so great — thanks for sending us one. :)