Monday, October 18, 2010

halloween decorations and a little giveaway

I love looking at crafting blogs and one of my favorites, eighteen25, had a spooktacular celebration of Halloween ideas. There were so many fun ideas. I was telling my mom about them and since I hardly had any Halloween decor, we talked to Becca and Steph, and we each made a Halloween decoration and did one for everyone. It was a lot of fun and everyone's stuff was awesome. Thanks to my wonderful Mom and sisters. Love you guys!

I made these candycorn wreaths. They are a lot of fun to do. The idea comes from the Women's Day magazine. I really like how it looks with the black and white polka dot ribbon. The only complaint I have is that it said to preserve it you could brush Modge Podge all over it, so I did this and it was a disaster. It made the color on the candycorns drip off and look runny and gross. I was so frustrated that they would suggest this when obviously they didn't try it before printing it in the magazine. I ended up redoing that wreath. :( I got together with some of my friends from here and did these. Brooke did one and since I was sending two home with my mom for her and Steph, Brooke said that I could have hers and she would make another one. That was very nice and thoughtful of her. Brooke and I got together a couple days ago and made some more.
My mom made these fun, colorful runners. I love the colors and textures, it looks just like Halloween.
My mom made these fun subway art frames. I really like how it's not like the normal subway art, but with the fun cursive over top. She is so creative and talented.
Steph did these fun plates. I couldn't believe how awesome they looked with the white vinyl against the black plates. I think it was a little bit of a pain for her, but they turned out really nice.
Becca made the fun garland. I really love the colors she chose. Now I want one of these for every holiday, you up for it Bec? Gee, thanks. :)
My mom went all out for this challenge and did these fun vinyl bats we'd seen on a blog. She had a bunch cut for all of us so that we could have more for next year. They're very fun.
Here's a close up of what's in the frames without a terrible glare. A picture of Jacoby the lion last year. I also made everyone the along came a spider prints.
Now for a little giveaway, I will be giving away one of these along came a spider prints. Just leave a comment telling about your favorite thing you ever dressed up as for Halloween. I want to send it out soon, so this giveaway will end Friday. I have to tell you that my favorite thing I ever dressed up as was a bride. I was a bride at least a couple years in a row and thought I was so beautiful. Ha ha. I will have to see if my mom has a picture she can scan so that I can post it. I think every girl dreams of getting married and being a bride and I just loved pretending I really was. Now go enter the giveaway!


Scott & Traci said...

Missy! I LOVE the crafts you do! And all the FUN things you do with your sisters & Mom! I need to talk my family into these things!

And! I totally almost did that wreath! I made a Pinecone one instead, but I LOVE that candycorn one, I may just have to do that one next year... thanks for the tip on the mod podge!

And....I want to enter your giveaway :) (I Love that you were a bride too, that is awesome! I Wouldn't have thought of that, how fun!) Anyway! Mine was a Horse... I LOVED Horses, and my Mom made my costume, it was awesome! I don't think I've seen a home-made horse costume since! :)

Krystal Keck said...

That is such a great idea to make and switch decorations with your family! I just love it! I would have to say my favorite costume was when I dressed up as a witch! I even had the fake mole on my chin. I thought I was so cool!

manda baker said...

You sisters are so creative!
This would look so cute on the shelf dad added to my apartment this weekend (:
My favorite costume would be Belle, I think I wore that costume out because I know I wore it at least 3 Halloweens in a row on top of Jess's two years (:
Ill have to keep the candy corn wreath in mind next year.

Christen said...

Of course your place is all decked out - love it all, especially that Subway art your mom made ... she should sell them!! My fave costume that I can remember is when I dressed up as a Crayola crayon - an orange one. I loved that costume!

Jaimi said...

Again, you guys are ridiculously talented! It's unbelievable!

Is it pathetic that my favorite costumes are all costumes I wore as an adult? There are so many I can't decide. When Jeff and I were dating, we were a cow. To please me, he was the hind end. While I was teaching, I was Abe Lincoln one year. I don't think they liked me cross-dressing.{: I also liked my Sumo wrestler costume, the year I was the witch and Summer was Snow White, and last year's Flinstone family. I kind of like the silly costume side of Halloween.(;

Angie & Neal said...

Oh How fun are you and your family! Such great crafters! Love all the new Halloween decor!

My favorite thing I dressed up as was a purple crayon. This was in high school cause I'm lame and can't really remember what my fav was when I was little. I REALLY hope I win your giveaway! I need more Halloween decorations and that is ADORABLE!

Crossing my fingers hoping I win! hehe:)

Stacie Couch said...

I love all the craftiness in your family! I wish it would rub off on me :) That is such a fun thing for you and your sisters and mom to do!

I want to enter the giveaway too! My favorite costume was the Pillsbury Doughboy (or girl in my case). My dad worked for Pillsbury at the time so I am sure that is where we got the idea. It turned out pretty cute!

Stacy said...

I love that your favorite is a bride! Maybe I should do that this year- I have the dress and everything and it would be good practice for December! ;) My favorite was a Winnie the Pooh. My mom made it and Nicole was Elmo- We loved them. Your crafts are so adorable- I love the idea of making some and switching. I am going to have to start things like that now that I will have my own home!! I'm excited!

Roseanne said...

Wow, that's so cute! All of it! I want to try the candy corn wreath, that's dang cute! You decorate so well!

Steph said...

Missy, your decorations look so cute! You're way ahead of me, though. I've really been wanting to blog about our little challenge, but I haven't gotten everything set up all cute. Thanks for the wreath and the print.

My favorite thing I dressed up as was probably when I was a present. I can't really think of many other things I dressed up as, though. Oh, and you don't have to count me in the drawing since I already have one of your prints. :)

Courtney said...

I love all the decorations! I wish all of my family was crafty so we could do a trade. It would fun to have a swap of some sort on our blogs! Now that we are all separated it would be fun to get mail! I miss you and love what you did to decorate. I would love some decorations for my new place. Take care!

Kristen said...

Missy-- You are TOO cute! I love all of your adorable ideas (did I mention how much Im missing you on our RS board!!!). I am definately going to make some of the crafts.

My favorite costume was when (as an adult) I dressed up like a nurse, with scrubs, a stethescope... the works. We took the kids around trick-or-treating, and had a great day. We decided to end at a nursing home that allowed the kids to trick or treat. The entire time we were there, old people kept grabbing me and asking me if I would take them back to their rooms... I had to keep explaining that I didnt work there. It was pretty funny.

Holly said...

I totally want me and my mom & sisters to do that craft & trade thing! SO FUN! We love you Long girls! All of you are so talented! I totally hope I win the along came a spider! Crossing my fingers!

I think my favorite is dressing my kids up for Halloween! Brooklyn is going to be a mermaid, and Braxton a pirate this year! ;)

Mark & Nicole Oaks said...

I love that you and your sisters and mom do crafts together. I guess my family is too busy for that. We should do crafts sometime. You are so talented and come up with the cutest stuff.
The funniest thing I think I ever dressed up as was a dice. I wore a box with holes cut out of the top and sides for my head and arms. The box was so big I couldn't reach my trick-or-treat bag with both hands, so I couldn't get to any of my candy through out the night. I think I was 6 years old.
Love you Missy!