Thursday, October 21, 2010

fire truck

We went to the fire station this week for play group. Jacoby just loves fire trucks right now and was really excited to see a 'big truck.' He was a little confused that it wasn't red, but I just kept telling him it was a yellow fire truck. It was pretty fun!
Sitting on the front of the fire truck with Owen.

Looking for a yummy, fall recipe? My mother-in-law gave me this pumpkin chocolate chip muffin recipe a couple years ago and it's the best. It works well for muffins and bread and you can even make frosting for some extra yummy treats. Get the recipe here!


Lisa and Daniel said...

Those muffins look SO good. I think I might just have make them tonight!

Christen said...

That second picture of Jacoby is ADORABLE! He looks so grown up. I still can't wrap my brain around having a boy, but when I see cute little boys (like Jacoby) I get excited. How is the potty training situation? On hold? When you decide to start, you're welcome to try out our froggy potty. :) Larkin is done with it and it's just going to be in storage. Hopefully we'll see you on Sunday!

Savannah said...

That picture of Jacoby on the steps is so dang cute. Miss you guys!!! 29 DAYS!!!! Can't wait. Love you!

Janet said...

I love those pictures of Jacoby! He is just such a cutie! The cupcakes also look delicious, too! Can't wait to see you a a few weeks. Miss all of you!

R. Long Pyper said...

I love that shot of him holding Red and wearing a big smile. He's such a cutie.