Monday, June 14, 2010

reunion fun

We had a jam-packed week and it was great. These pictures are out of order, so they're starting with the most recent...oh well.

My handsome little boy. I love this outfit! Steph and I took Eden and Jacoby to the park and they were nice enough to let me take a few pictures of their darling faces.
Jacoby is going to miss all his cousins when he moves away.

I planned a little reunion with my family last weekend and it was so fun to spend time with them. Becca's family is getting ready to move and my family will be moving in a month. I love my family. We are so close. it's going to be terribly hard to be away from them. Anyway, the weather wasn't very nice on Saturday so we just went swimming at the Aquatic Center and came back to my parent's for dinner and a sleepover. After church the next day we had lunch and spent the afternoon playing croquet(my favorite sport. Ha ha.), volleyball, and crying as we said good bye to Becca's family. I hate when people leave, first Thomas, Becca's family, and now my family soon. I don't know how people do this, we have been so spoiled thus far, but we will make the best out of it; that's what my mom keeps saying, but she's also the most optimistic person around.

These two sweeties enjoying a very messy candy necklace.

I love you girlies+Annie+Mom.
We also had a family reunion with Tyler's extended family at Lagoon. It's always fun to see everyone there. It was super, super cold this year, but we still had fun. I'm glad I packed Jacoby's coat though. Jacoby didn't like the rides one little bit, even the ones we could ride with him. He was crying pretty hard, so we only made him go on a few. :) Maybe in another year.
He was content until the ride started. :)

Mint Oreos, they will make your whole day better. Recipe here.


Steph said...

I decided that growing up sucks even more than I previously thought it did. Why oh why does everyone have to move away from me?

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

I LOVE that picture of Jacoby on your steps! He is so handsome! The pictures of Jacoby and Eden are so cute! I love the hugging one! Adorable kids. Sounds like both of your reunions were fun. I am sure saying goodbye to Becca's family wasn't easy! My brothers and sister are moving to Mesa July 1st and it makes me so sad.