Sunday, June 6, 2010

baseball and things

Tyler was able to play in a couple Hillcrest alumni baseball games. It was really fun to watch him play since he loves baseball so much and I was never able to watch him play in highschool. He even pitched and I loved watching that. It was fun to see him with all his old buddies. He said he's pretty sore today though. :) I've been wanting to make these fabric flowers I saw here, but have been searching high and low for the perfect, cheap vase. I finally found it at D.I. I love this line of fabric by Riley Blake and searched several fabric stores to find this pattern in every color so that it would match our room. I'm a little obsessed with this fabric, eh? I also used to for three basket liners in Jacoby's room in orange, turqoise, and green, and I'm going to make some bunting for his room with my scraps too.
These are better than real flowers. I originally had them on Tyler's nightstand and he sarcastically said, "Those are just what I wanted on my side." I decided to move them to my side because I would definitely appreciate them. :)
I wanted to share a couple of my favorite new recipes I've discovered. This lemon cream pie is awesome. It's very fresh and summery and light and oh so tasty. I made it Wednesday and already want to make it again.
These ribs are so moist and tender and have such a great, classic flavor. Tyler really liked them.
We're also having a giveaway on Make Your Tastebuds Dance soon, so stay tuned. It's gonna be a good one.
My good buddy Lyndsi came over last week to have me help her make an invitation for her sister-in-law's bridal shower. It was so fun to see her and her little girl, Maecie. Jacoby was pretty sweet with her and just loved looking at her and saying, "Baby." He looked so huge next to her. Lyndsi always has her dressed so cute. Little girls are so fun.
Jacoby has loved going on bike rides around our neighborhood, but I wish the weather would cooperate so we could get out more. Come on summer, where the H are you?


Steph said...

Where the H are you indeed?! I'm sick of this crap weather.

Cute layout.

I love that pie. Yours turned out better than mine. yum! Thanks for saving me a slice.

Your flowers look great. I don't think Devan would appreciate if I put flowers on his side, either. Actually, he probably wouldn't even notice them.

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

I am glad you got to watch Tyler play. You got some good pictures of him pitching. I am sure that was fun to watch. That pie looks delicious! I will have to try that one.
Thanks for letting me come over and do the invitation. They turned out cute. Jacoby is so cute with Maecie. I loved it when he was tickling her feet!
I hope the weather gets better to! I am SICK of this dang weather! WHERE THE H IS SUMMER. If you find out where it is...tell it to come visit IDAHO :)!!!

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

PS...I love those flowers. They turned out so cute. That fabric is AWESOME!

Scott & Traci said...

Cute flowers and vase! And I love all of your recipies... we made the enchiladas the other day and are making them again this month :)

And! Could I have you email me the group baseball picture? I am so glad that you were there to talk to hang out with :) Ohhh... and my email is if you could send them there :) Thanks Missy!

R. Long Pyper said...

Yeah, I love that fabric too! What great colors. I bet it was fun watching Tyler play (especially sans Jacoby). :) I wish Lonnie could have gone....

That lemon pie was divine. Thanks for sharing the goods.

Doug and Kate said...

Oh boy I just got really hungry looking at that food! Those flowers are super cute! Thats halarius that Jacoby likes that movie so much haha its not even a cartoon!