Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Favorite Christmas Treats

I wanted to do a Christmas post about my favorite foods to eat at Christmastime. I feel like during the holidays I just eat and eat and eat, but the food is just to dang good to resist. These are my faves...I hope I didn't forget any. I also wanted to do a tag some people for this post: Steph Thompson, Kate Messick, Lyndsi Morrow, and Angie Guymon.
We just discovered how good the Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix is. I'm not one to like ANY mixes, but this does not disappoint. I made these cookies for my family Christmas partyvand I love how the big white sprinkles look like polka dots! hot chocolate

Life Saver Storybooks
We used to always get these in our stockings when I was younger and I will always love them. I especially love the tropical and berry packages.

There are so many different kinds: rocky road, walnut, peanut butter, and just plain chocolate.

Mint M&Ms
Candy Cane Toosie Pops

Peppermint Milkshakes
My dad used to make these during Christmastime because of all the extra candycanes laying around, and they are wonderful. Oranges and Tangelos
What are your faves?


Steph said...

Christmas treats rock! I'm going to do the tag, but I'm pretty sure I'll just basically copy and paste your list! Yum!

Missy said...

Yeah, I think we pretty much like the same treats. Great minds think alike!

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

So yummy! Fun post!

Stephanie said...

I was so excited when I discovered the Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix. It tastes exactly like my mom's sugar cookies (although hers were from scratch). I thought I would never taste those cookies again. I love foods that remind me of my childhood.

All your favorite treats look delicious. I wish I had your baking skills!