Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Judy thanks for tagging me. This was fun to do. I really love blogging because it's kind of like keeping a journal, and I have a hard time doing that, blogging makes it much more fun to record what's going on in your life. I just love it!

Things I am Passionate about:
-Digital scrapbooking
-Blogging…man I’m addicted
-Spending time with family

Words or phrases I often say:
-How ya doin’?
-What’s up?
-Hi bud/honey (to Jacoby)
-I’m so tired
-Oh yeah!

Things I want to do Before I die:
Wow there are so many…
-Travel all over Europe with Tyler
-Go on many trips with my family
-Start up playing the piano again
-Be a good seamstress...I know how to sew, but I want to be better!
-Play on a softball team and get a homerun...ha ha. I really wish that I would have played sports in high school.

Things I have learned from my past:
-To not worry about what other people think about me so much
-That it’s important to stand up for myself, I don’t like conflict, but I have learned that if you just let people walk all over you, you won’t be very happy.
-Friends seem so important when you’re younger, but family will always be there. My sisters are my best friends now. Treasure the times with your family.
-How grateful I am for my parents and all that they have taught me.
-The importance of hard work.

Places I would love to see:
-New York City
-Heaven…ha ha

Things I currently want or need:
I might sound snotty, but these are really just things I want…my “wish” list you might say. Someday…
-new clothes, could always use more of those.
-A robin egg blue armoire
-Coffee table
-MAC laptop
-Digital scrapbooking kits
-More decorations…I love to decorate
-Mini cooper
-a healthy family
-Tyler to do well in school
-My family to all stay living close, I don't want any of us to move away.

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Judy said...

cute, I love the heaven comment! good one! you are so dang adorable! i love being able to keep up with your life, and little Jacoby!

Janet said...

Fun to read everything you wrote. I just hope that the "heaven" comment comes in about 70 years. You are a great lady. I love you.


Devan or Steph said...

Fun! Judy always does fun things. I'll try to get on it. See you tomorrow.

Jenn and Tyler said...

It was fun to read your tag! I learned a few new things about you. Your in the hood page of Jacoby is adorable.