Monday, March 5, 2012

36 weeks

Thanks to my mom who took these pictures while she was here visiting a few weeks ago. Man, it was awesome to have her here. I love her and miss so much. She helped me with so many things and she is just the best.

how far along: 36 weeks

total weight gain: 30 pounds

maternity clothes: Yep, and I'm getting real sick of them.

miss anything: Yes, lately I've really been wanting a steak cooked medium. We went to Texas Roadhouse a week ago and I had to settle for some chicken critters. I know where I'm going in a month.

movement: Yes, I love feeling her move, it never gets old. A new thing is feeling her hiccups, love it!

food cravings: Well, besides a good steak, just chocolate still.

anything make you quesy or sick: Just some smells and if I don't eat regularly.

labor signs: Just Braxton Hicks contractions when I'm walking a lot.

happy or moody: I'm fine, not overly happy, but dealing with it. :)

looking forward to: Not feeling so guilty when I don't eat very healthy. I always feel bad when I don't get enough vegetables and eat too many treats. It'll be nice to not stress about that. It'll be nice to sleep on my stomach again. I can't wait to see Jacoby and Hallie together for the first time.

aches and pains: My sciatic nerve has been making me really uncomfortable.

symptoms: I still have quite a bit of energy, just getting anxious.


Scott & Traci said...

You look Amazing Missy! I hear you about the steak thing, Scott and I are going out for sushi first thing after she's born :) Happy 36 weeks! :)

The Clarks said...

wow you are almost there! and you look gorgeous, like always. love the name hallie by the way! ha ha. hang in there!

Steph said...

You look so cute! I love these photos. Jacoby looks so handsome and grown up, too. I'm sorry you can't have your steak yet. Good luck with these last few weeks: they're really awful! But try to get a few things done while you can. I can't wait to see your little cutie!

Doug and Kate said...

You look so cute! Almost done! I bet thatwas nice to have your mom out- I can't wait to see (pics) of Hallie!

Mark & Nicole Oaks said...

I love the name, Hallie. She will be perfect in your little family. You are looking so dang cute, as always. Take care!

Jake and Jana said...

Missy! You are sooo beautiful! You don't even look pregnant in the straight-forward picture! Can't wait to see pics of Hallie!