Sunday, February 6, 2011

Steph and Eden Come to Visit

Wow, I have a lot to post about! Steph and Eden came to visit for awhile and we had lots of fun! Here is what we did starting with the most recent:
Went to visit my cousin Nicole in Prescott. Met my grandparents there and they took us to lunch. It was really fun to Nicole's house. It looks great! We went to Costco to get some dried mangoes. They are the best. Steph is awesome to have as a guest. She is so easy to have around and is so nice. She got all kinds of treats for us. I love her and am so lucky to have her as my sister.

We made strawberry sundae cupcakes. Strawberry cake for the strawberry ice cream, chocolate ganache for the chocolate syrup, frosting for the whipped cream, sprinkles, gumball for the cherry, and a short little straw. We saw them on Bakerella and loved the idea.
We went to Sprinkles Cupcakes.
We made some peanut butter macarons. They are really yummy. Steph and I both love to bake so it was fun to make some treats together.
We went to the children's museum and it was AWESOME! I think I liked it as much as the kids. So many fun things to do with the kids. I'm going to get a season pass this summer when it's hotter than heck here.
painting the castle in the art room.
Pushing the cars down the giant car track, probably Jacoby's favorite.
The "Ballroom" was really fun too.
This is hard to explain, but it's a bunch of tubes that are like a vacuum and you put scarves inside and they pull them through the tubes and they shoot out the top.

Making food in the kitchen.
Shopping at the grocery store.

Th noodle forest.
After the museum we went to Sprinkles Cupcakes, Oreganos Pizza Bistro(to die for), and Fashion Square Mall. This might have been my favorite day!
The kids did a little shopping at Trader Joes. This store is great.

We went shopping at an outlet mall nearby and afterword went to this park. It has a train that goes through the park and the most amazing toys. The kids loved it.

So did we. We had to try out this toy! Eden took this picture!


We went to the zoo another day. The kids loved seeing all the animals and riding on the carousel.
He was being a pansy for a minute. :)
Steph took us to In-N-Out. Oh yeah, one of my favorites. Jacoby, why don't you have a little hamburger with your ketchup.

Feeding the giraffes at the zoo was pretty cool. The kids held out some lettuce and they grabbed it with their giant tongues. Gross.

This was so bizarre to me. They asked Steph to hold out this nugget in her finger tips to feed them. She actually did it!! Steph doesn't like animals and I thought she would just say no. After seeing her go through that I told them I didn't want to do that. Ha ha. Hilarious!

Watching movies together. We went to Tyler's school to pick oranges and lemons in the orchard behind Tyler's school. I have been wanting to go and it was really fun. So cool to have fruits like these hanging on trees here.

The weather was nice here for the first week and we went to the pool one day and sat on the beach while the kids played.

At Christmastime we lost a car that Grandma and Grandpa Long got for Jacoby so they got him a new one and sent it with Steph. He loves fire trucks.
Thanks for coming to see us Eden and Steph. We had so much fun with you guys. We love you!


Steph said...

Wow! This is a HUGE post! I need to steal some of the pictures. We had such a great time. I am not ready to get back to real life and all my responsibilities (like cooking instead of having someone make my dinner for me! ha ha!) Thanks for planning so many great things for us to do. It was a real party for 12 days! We can't wait to see you soon.

PS I'm still thinking about those macarons! I think they were the best kind I've made. Yum!

Scott & Traci said...

Ohh! Looks like so much fun! Love the cupcakes too, looked yummy! I really want my sisters to come visit now! I'm so glad you got to spend so much time with her and her cute little girl! :)

Savannah said...

All these pictures are soooo cute!!! I've been waiting for this post ever since Steph and Eden got there. It looks like you had a lot of fun!!! I'm glad you had visitors.

Christen said...

That top picture of Jacoby just makes me smile! He is so darn cute. Glad you had so much fun with your sister -- I'm sure you wish she was still here! Nothing better.

Jenn and Tyler said...

Wow What a post! I loved looking at all your pics! These two little kiddos are getting so big I can't believe it! How fun, glad you got to see Nicole and G&G to!

Jake and Jana said...

I'm so glad we are having another girl so that Riley can have a sister! I always wanted one-it looks like so much fun! You girls did some really fun things together! The Children's Museum in Salt Lake has a lot of those same activities for kids-such a neat place!

Janet said...

It is so fun to see all these photos and read all about the time you spent together. I am so glad Steph could come!

Mark & Nicole Oaks said...

I'm really glad you guys came to see it us. It was a lot of fun, and it helps with being home sick. I wish my sisters would come see me. Lucky! I am glad you guys had so much fun.

Roseanne said...

That is awesome! I love visitors! You guys did tons of fun stuff! I love that cute cupcake you guys did too!