Monday, August 16, 2010


Wow, Jacoby is two now! That is definitely crazy to me. He is such a fun boy and so full of energy. We are having such a fun time hanging out together all day while Tyler goes to school and studies all the time. Jacoby loves when Tyler gets home and pretty much wants nothing to do with me after that. Oh well, then I get to escape and blog for a little bit.
I wanted to document a little about what Jacoby is doing at two:
-Really into movies, but Cars and Toy Story are his favorites. He brings me movies all the time wanting to watch them, and throws a fit when I won't let him watch movies all day. Weird that I wouldn't allow that huh?
-Loves playing with cars now, finally. He was always so interested in basketball and baseball and never showed any interest in playing with cars. He especially loves playing with his cars from the movie Cars that we got him last Christmas. Finally they're getting used. :)
-Loves popsicles and would eat ten daily if he could, but I don't let him. I don't know why I'm surprised that he has such a sweet tooth; he gets that from me because I have a major addiction and didn't cut back when I was pregnant with him. I ate healthy besides that though. :)
-He is sleeping in a twin bed and doing okay. Hopefully it gets better soon, but right now he wakes up in the middle of the night and I usually end up sleeping in his tiny bed with him.
-Saying quite a few words and a few short sentences, here's the list: snack, drink, car, ball, basketball, book, bye bye, hi Mommy, Daddy, I want Annie, Mattie, bubbles, fish, stop it, duck, quack quack, bike, I want some more please, thank you mommy, Johnny, Eden, milk, dog, cat, cow, moo, rabbit, I don't want it, Janet, it's hot, monkey, blanket, no, yeah, please, thank you, love you, mitt, bat, bear, basketball hoop, and probably a few more.
On Saturday I wanted to do a few fun things with him for his birthday since we wouldn't be able to do as much on Sunday, so I took him to a splash pad. He loved it and ran around screaming. We had a little picnic after that.
Later we went to Toy Story 3 together; it was a great show. Jacoby liked it a lot. Go see it!

After church yesterday, we had calzones, which are his favorite.
This is a basketball hoop for the pool that Tyler and I gave him.

I made him Elmo cupcakes that he was pretty excited about. They're not professional looking at all, but they were fun for Jacoby. I have been teaching him to blow out candles so he would be ready on his birthday, and he blew it out quick. Love this face

Tyler's parents got him this fun trike.

Jacoby had a lot of fun and was sure spoiled by his grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles. A few more things he got were: beach toys, Cars Magnadoodle, clothes, Cars book, crayon roll, basketball and football, and lacing toy. Thanks everyone, you are all great.
Happy birthday, Jacoby. We love you and are so happy to have your in our family. You make us so happy bud!
I hope all you wonderful Idaho people I miss so much enjoyed all these pictures. We love you!


Janet said...

I was hoping you would have posted about Jacoby's birthday. It looks like a pretty great day! It was fun seeing him open his gift from us on Skype. Happy birthday, Jacoby! Can't believe you are two!

R. Long Pyper said...

I'm excited to see this post! It's so fun that you documented all the things that make him tick right now; down the road, you'll be glad you did that. He's such a cute kid. I really loved the photo of him with his cupcake.

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

I like the picture of him getting ready to blow out his candle! What a handsome boy! He's going to break some hearts some day. Sounds like he had a great birthday. It was fun to read about all the things he is liking right now. What a fun age! I miss you girl!

Steph said...

Thanks for the pictures. I still can't believe Coby is 2! Crazy! He got a ton of great stuff for his birthday. It sounds like you guys are having fun down there.

Scott & Traci said...

Happy Birthday, Jacoby! He is so stinking handsome! I Love to see pictures :) And! The Elmo Cupcakes are super cute. We miss you guys but are glad you are loving AZ! :)

Josh said...

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