Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eden's Birthday

Our neice Eden had her first birthday on Friday. We love Eden so much. Here are 10 reasons we love her so much.
1. Her beautiful blue eyes
2. Her fish kisses, especially when she gives them to Jacoby.
3. Her many funny faces
4. Her curly hair
5. The way she stands up and puts her head on the ground...meaning I want to do a somersault.
6. The way she dances when we turn on music.
7. The way she stands up while Steph nurses her.
8. The way she says "Bumpa" which means Grandpa when either of her grandpas walks in the room.
9. The way she empties out the drawers at my mom's house.
10. The way she sticks her nose in Tyler's hand so that he'll grab it.


Devan or Steph said...

Thanks for coming last night and for the nice gift. That little dress looks so cute on Eden. We love Eden so much, too. That was a nice list you made. I think it's so funny when she does that nose thing with Tyler. Devan was showing all of his family that all day long!

Jenn and Tyler said...

She is pretty adorable, Neices are fun. I wish I could see mine more often!